Sign up for a free trial

1. Go to, and click on the button Try for free:

2. Fill out your details on the next page:

3. Choose a name for your organization- This can be anything you want:

4. Choose the REST API as the resource option:

PAGE SWITCH: We'll be grabbing the API endpoint on Rockset

5. Rockset side: Navigate back to the Query Lambda page and click on GetAllUsers:

6. The highlighted red boxes are what we are going to use on the Retool side. Pay close attention to the red boxes and where I STOP the red box under the URL flag.

PAGE SWITCH: We'll be submitting the API endpoint on the Retool side

7. Retool side: Fill out the details of the REST API resource and click on Create resource. Be sure to put your API KEY credentials in yourkeydown below.

  • name: rockset-base-API

  • Base url:

  • Headers: Authorization ApiKey yourkey

  • Headers: Content-Type application/json

NOTE: You can find us on the Rockset Community if you have questions or comments about the workshop.

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