➿Rockset integration and collection overview

We have two Kafka streams running where one Kafka stream is dedicated to your user’s clickstream activities and the other is dedicated to their purchase activities. We also have a static CSV file in S3 containing detailed product and user information. Data from these sources will be stored in separate Rockset collections [do not create the collections just yet!]. Before we get started, here's an overview of the collections we'll create:

  • 1 collection for clickstream activities

  • 1 collection for purchase activities

  • 1 collection for product information

  • 1 collection for user information

  • 1 collection for rollups from purchase activities

Once the Rockset collections are populated with data, we will write real-time recommendations and analytical SQL queries that JOIN, aggregate, and search across these collections.

Let's get started and create an account in the next section!

NOTE: You can find us on the Rockset Community if you have questions or comments about the workshop.

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