🧺Populate Rockset collections with Kafka and S3 data

Rockset has a managed Confluent Cloud connector that allows you to create a Kafka Integration. With this, you no longer need to build, deploy or operate any infrastructure component on the Kafka side. Here’s how Rockset is making it easier to ingest event data from Kafka with this new integration:

  • The integration is continuous so any new data in the Kafka topic will get indexed in Rockset, delivering an end-to-end data latency of 2 seconds.

  • The integration is pull-based, ensuring that data can be reliably ingested even in the face of bursty writes and require no tuning on the Kafka side.

  • There is no need to pre-create a schema to run real-time analytics on event streams from Kafka. Rockset indexes the entire data stream so when new fields are added, they are immediately exposed and made queryable using SQL.

  • You can ingest historical and real-time streams to get a 360 view of the data, a common real-time analytics use case.

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