Show a customer's purchase

1. Update Container 4:

Action Item:

  • Click on the text14 box and change the value to:

    • ##### Recent activity since last purchase

2. Update table3:

Action Item:

  • Click on the table below text14 and make sure it says table3.

  • Under the Data section in the far right nav bar, update the field to display the results from CustomerPurchases by putting {{}}:

3. Under the resource query, CustomerPurchases, update the Body section:

Action Item:

  • Under the Body section, make sure it's JSON.

  • Add parameters key with the value [ { "name": "userid", "type": "string", "value": {{}} } ]

4. After you're done, click on a row in table1 and Run the CustomerPurchases query:

5. When you’re done, the table should be populated. I highlighted the Data section and table3 to show you what it should look like:

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