Workshop Introduction

The workshop will guide you on how to build a real-time recommendation and customer 360 application. We will be simulating real-time events from Kafka that’ll be sent to Rockset. From there, we’ll build real-time internal tools with Retool that’ll display the user’s product recommendations, purchase details, and personal information.

This workshop will have 2 segments:

PART I: Guided workshop building real-time recommendations and analytical SQL queries with live Kafka data

We’ll build real-time recommendations and analytical SQL queries together with live Kafka data and data stored in a public S3 bucket. We’ll get familiar with:

  • SQL function

  • How to easily handle nested data using SQL and much more!

  • How to write complex queries that JOIN, aggregate, and search

  • ... and much more ! 😄

After we write our analytical queries, we’ll turn them into data APIs that’ll be consumed by Retool (see part II of the workshop). By the end, you’ll learn how to deal with unruly, nested JSON data (or other semi-structured data), JOIN data from disparate data sources, use real-time rollups to aggregate Kafka data, and so much more!

PART II: Guided workshop building a real-time customer 360 app with data APIs from part I

After we create data APIs from part I, we’ll execute them on Retool. We’ll use the UI building blocks to display the results coming from Rockset. After this section, you’ll learn:

  • How to get started on Retool using RESTful APIs

  • Create internal tools with Retool’s UI building blocks (we’ll build a real-time customer 360 app)

  • Learn how to interconnect UI building blocks with each other

We’ll wrap up the workshop with you building an internal tool on your own!

NOTE: You can find us on the Rockset Community if you have questions or comments about the workshop.

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