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Show specific details of a specific customer

1. Reconfigure the text9 box:
Action Item:
  • Click on the text9 box.
  • Delete all the code in Value section on the far right and add this code snippet:
text9 text
Populate text9 value
2. See Customer Details:
Click on the Refresh data button. On the far right navigation bar. You'll see there is a Text and an Event handlers box.
Retool sample user page
3. Action Item: Update the Text box and Event handler:
  • Replace the Text with See Customer Details
  • Click on the +Add button to add the event handler.
    • Action: Control Query
    • Query: CustomerSpend
    • Method: Trigger
Retool sample users page
Repeat: Do this step for each of these resource queries:
  • CustomersPurchases
  • RecommendationQuery
When you're done, it should look like this- see the Event handlers section:
Retool sample users page
NOTE: You can find us on the Rockset Community if you have questions or comments about the workshop.